I wanted to rewrite this page, to clarify a few things.

Firstly, earlier I said that my music used to be driven by fame and money. Well, thats not entirely true. But I was highly driven by what people thought of my music.

Which instruments went into creating my ‘sound’ was very important to me. This instrument implied this, this other instrument implied this other thing. And sculpting the perfect ‘sound’ was very important to me.

Then also the writing process was clouded like this. Using certain writing techniques was perceived as good and others were perceived as bad, in my wee world.

And this kind of thinking, it tore me apart. It separated me from what really matters when making music. As I said, I was destroyed by my own over-thinking.

But now, because of the medication I think, I have cleared my mind. I need to make music for me, for my happiness. I need to enjoy what I do. And thats how I came to the conclusion of what I’m working on now.

My new computer has been ordered and its on its way. Once it arrives, my music creation will finally commence. This is a very exciting time to be Karl.

I hope for the music to be released in December of 2017.