I’ve been getting back into the music lately and it feels great. At this stage I am hoping to release my debut album around January of 2018. It is dance music and the album is mostly about contact (with aliens).

The revelation that I should make dance music was a good one. It simplified a lot of things for me. And thats what I needed, because over-thinking has been a major problem for me. I’m still facing a lot of inner demons, however, and I need to constantly remind myself to keep a clear head. But things are getting better every day.

I’ve been getting really deep into synths. Learning all about them, learning what every little control does. I used to use presets a lot, but now I innitialise my synths and sculpt my own sound. It feels really good. I’m even thinking of making my own synths.

In terms of making my own synths, I’ve actually been thinking about pursuing a career in sound. Its certainly something I’m passionate about. Making my own synths is one thing I could do. Producing other people’s music is another. Or doing soundtracks is yet another. There’s a lot of things I could do!

All I need to do is master myself.