I’m going to be a game designer. After this coming semester, in which we’re going to make a “rogue-like” for class, I will begin my journey.

When I say begin, I really mean move on to the next phase. Because this journey has already been underway for a number of years. I have learned an extremely large amount in the past few years. I have dedicated countless hours to studying all aspects of game design. And I feel that the time of study is over and the time of building is about to begin.

The project so far is being called, “Project Sunlight”. I don’t want to go into much detail yet about what kind of game it is, but I will say that multiple aspects of the game are designed to be “timeless”. It is intended to be a game I can enjoy forever.

I will pour not only much time but also much money into this project. And I expect no money in return. This is a game for my sheer pleasure. It is intended to be the perfect game for me, and the game itself is reward enough. I will begin a patreon (or similar), however, where people can choose to donate to the cause. And if I make a great game, I hope that people will feel compelled to donate. I won’t make patreon any time soon though – the game will be playable well before that.

Everything seems to be falling into place.