Whether or not to make games has long been a question on my mind. On the one hand I am extremely passionate about them, but on the other hand they are very difficult to make.

My final conclusion is yes, however.

I’m a programming student and honestly, I really enjoy programming. Its something I can see myself doing for my entire life. So, once I’m there, its no longer a huge step to become a games programmer. I want to wait, though, until I’m further through my path of study. If I start making things now, the general structure of my designs may be shit. I haven’t yet been taught how to structure a huge project – and from seeing other people try to make games, I know that not structuring things properly can lead to a lot of problems.

Another reason I think I should make games is because I love working on them! Making mods for Skyrim has been a really rewarding experience for me. Some games inspire me to work, such as Skyrim. Others drain me, such as WoW. So its a matter of focusing on the right things, so that my life goes in a direction I want to live.

In conclusion, I am going to become a game designer. Its just gonna be a few years until I get underway with it.