Its gotta work for me

Firstly, I’m not going to be doing YouTube. I feel I was distracted from what really matters. I got an idea in my head and got carried away.

Secondly, despite at one stage saying I was a fool for ever creating my own sites when I could just make a WordPress, at this stage I feel I am probably going to make my own site again. This is because WordPress hosts neither music nor applications. In fact, very few places host either of those things. Well, music is hosted reasonably often actually, but applications aren’t. But like I previously said, I don’t feel comfortable with the music hosting options available.

So, long story short, I’m going to make my own site, where I host my music as well as applications such as drinking games. My main reason for doing this is because its got to work for me. And after considering my options, I felt like nothing else worked for me.

Another aspect of the site is story telling. One of my great passions, and a major reason I want to make games, is creating worlds. I love dreaming up fantasies. And leading up to my games, I want there to be a lot of material for people to engage in. The question is, for me at least, “How do we tell stories in the internet age?”

With this new site, I hope to be exploring that question.

And with a semester of PHP under my belt, I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun doing it.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ll have a lot of fun anyway. And I guess the point I’m trying to make with this post is that my enjoyment is the main point of my projects.

Also, I’m not going to be using ASP.NET to make my drinking games, I’m going to be using Unity. This is an exciting development for multiple reasons, but that is a topic for another day…

School, My First Game, & YouTube

So school is back for me, so you can expect less content than there has been over the last couple of weeks.

This semester is shaping up to be really amazing. So far I’ve felt like the papers were kind of beating around the bush and building our fundamental concepts of various technologies. Now, however, we’re truly getting into the depths of software development. And its great, I’m loving it, and I totally feel like this is something I could do for the rest of my life.

Its going to be hard work though. Some of the papers in this semester have really heavy work loads. In fact, one of my teachers was warning us about this and she listed the 4 papers that students usually struggle with… and those are the exact 4 papers I happen to be taking. So, it seems that this semester is going to be serious business.

But in other news, I’m going to make my first game really soon. Its a simple game… a card game… which is something I usually wouldn’t do, but this happens to be a drinking game.

Yes, thats right. Now you can play drinking games with your computer.

With the simplicity of this app, and the fact that I’ve already solved most of the problems in my notes, I think you can expect this to be released in the coming month.

The only issue I’m having is which technology to use to build it. At this stage I’m thinking I’ll use ASP.NET because that means a) No download, it would just run off the web and b) Mac and Linux support. The only problem with that is that I don’t know how wide spread server support for ASP.NET is. It might be hard finding a server that can support my app.

And my final piece of news is that I’m not going to be doing YouTube for a while yet. I like the idea of my music channel, but I probably won’t start it until closer to when the music is released (early next year).

Truthing Update & YouTube

I’m thinking about not bothering with truthing. Well, not in the short term anyway. No YouTube. Maybe just a documentary one day. I think what I have to say would be better suited in a documentary… I have a few big things to say, not a stream of small things.

On YouTube it is important to upload regularly. So, I was looking to collect accounts of alien contact and share them weekly. But contact just isn’t that easy to find. I guess its more rare than I thought. Most sources just post blurry videos of things in the sky and shit like that. So, I started thinking “OK I’ll expand my scope to all paranormal contact – after all, I think that most ghost stories are probably actually alien stories anyway…” But then, before you know it, you’re making a YouTube channel dedicated to weekly videos about something you never intended to make. For what purpose? To occasionally have the freedom to share whats really important to you?

I think a better idea is to not waste my energy and instead focus on one day releasing a documentary… a documentary about what I know to be the truth… a specie of psychic reptiles are here and can potentially completely control the world.

Also since I started thinking of releasing my music on YouTube, that idea has really grown on me. I love YouTube, personally, its probably the website I use the most out of any. So being based there seems fitting. And unlike Soundcloud, I doubt YouTube will disappear any time soon, considering its one of the biggest websites on the internet. And I could use the channel for more than just hosting my music – I could have other music related content, such as synth tutorials and reviews. Because I’ve grown quite accustomed to the idea of starting a channel.

This may be the start of a whole new age of internetting… the age of YouTube.

Genre woes & more

An ongoing problem I’ve been having with my music is that I don’t feel comfortable defining its genre. So far I’ve been referring to it as “Dance Music” and that I am comfortable with, or “EDM” (Electronic Dance Music).

But EDM has many sub-genres and, frankly, I consider most of them to be unnecessary. And the smallest differences can change a songs apparent genre. For example, the tempo changing as little as 10bpm can cause a song to be a different genre. Another example is the tiniest settings of a synth – I saw a video where some dude made a synth sound and he was like “So this is a house pad” then he changes literally one control only slightly and is like, “And now its more of a trance sound”.

Really? These tiny changes really warrant an entirely new genre? I don’t think they do. Take rock for example: different songs within a rock album can have hugely varying tempos and the guitars on each track can have hugely varying settings. But we don’t make up an entirely new genre for each track, do we? Its all just rock. And similarly, all of my music is just EDM. I don’t want to be limited by these ridiculous rules. I want to be free to use whatever tempo feels right and I want to set my synths to whatever sound feel right.

But this causes problems with people finding my music. Without choosing a genre, searching for my music becomes much harder. Because music sharing sites are set up around these ridiculous sub-genres. So I honestly don’t know if anyone will ever even find my music.

And on top of that, apparently Soundcloud is on the verge of closing down. Well, fuck. Thats where I intended to put my music. And I’ve been looking around for alternatives, but nothing seems to fit as well as Soundcloud.

At this stage I’m thinking my music will probably be on YouTube. But I wanted my alien videos to be there and I don’t want to put both on the same channel, because then people are subscribing for alien content and are instead getting my music. And subscribers don’t like that.

I don’t know.

unborn chicken voices in my head

Some projects just don’t make it. I’m sitting here watching South Park and thinking… thinking of that cartoon Spook & I wanted to make. Well, today I’m going to tell you what happened with that project.

The cartoon, for me, was largely based on the fact that Spook is really funny. Like, seriously, he can absolutely destroy me with laughter. He can make me laugh like no one else can. And capturing his jokes – that was the cartoon for me.

Sadly, his girlfriend hates me. Mostly because I smoke weed I think. Once I was drinking at their place and I brought some weed and I shared it with Spook and also her friends. And she went their bedroom and freaked the fuck out. She was punching the walls and all kinds of shit. She was screaming and everyone could hear it and there were all these smashing sounds and apparently that was her punching the walls, Spook told us.

She really doesn’t like weed.

Over time, I just saw less and less of Spook. He’s totally whipped. Whenever he comes round he’s always checking is watch and always has to leave within like 30 mins. And I was trying to get him involved in the cartoon, but his commitment to his girlfriend… well, it just took over his life.

They have a kid together now. And I haven’t seen him in like a year. Its sad, because we were best friends for over a decade. But life… sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Without Spook, I can’t do the cartoon. I’m just not that funny. So, like my friendship with Spook, I guess this project just isn’t going to make it. Its a shame because I spent hundreds of dollars on software to make it. Its also a shame because of my friendship with Spook.