A serious discussion of dropping the meds

This is, of course, a very serious topic. The results can be dire. And honestly, things have been really good for me on the meds. But we’ve reached a point where things are no longer getting better and I’m wondering if I’ve learned everything I can from this experience.

This semester wasn’t the greatest. Yeah, I passed everything, but I wasn’t very dedicated to my studies. In fact, I was very lazy. And thats just one of many small things that leads me to thinking, “Have we reached the end of improvements?”

I’ve learned a lot from being in this frame of mind. I have been able to retroactively consider my triggers and experiences. I know, for example, that people aren’t always harassing me… thats just something that happens in my head. I think people everywhere are targeting me. Well, that feeling is totally gone on the meds and now I can recognise that as a sign of being unwell.

So, I think that my understanding of my own triggers is much better now. I think I will be much better at knowing crazy from reality.

And I’m totally open to going back on the meds if things don’t work out. I have a month of holiday, so now is the perfect time to give this a try. Two weeks from now, if I’m not doing well, I’ll go back on.

Now, lets do a pros and cons…

Pros of dropping meds:

  • Rapid weight loss and all the health benefits of that
  • Increased inspiration
  • Possibility of new insights into life

Cons of dropping meds:

  • Possibility of crippling paranoia
  • Things have been good, I have had many good insights

Awakening Festival

The time has come.

It came about 16 days ago but I had exams etc. I know, this happened last year too, but you’ll find that exams are held around the same time each year. And that time just happens to be the Awakening Festival.

It has been 5 years since contact. Last year, 4, represented death. This year we have a much more positive theme – Invincibility. Yes, between Sister and I, 5 represents Invincibility. It is the kind of number you want to be associated with you. If you pay credit to that kind of thing, of course.

I just finished my exams this morning, so I’m gonna go get drunk, but you can rest assured that I will be back soon to post many posts for you.

How soon? I suspect within 24 hours.

Dream job

I would love to become a paranormal investigator. I just don’t know where to start. Like, how would I get a name for myself, how would I get people to start coming to me, etc.

With my experiences and knowledge, I think I have a lot to offer as a paranormal investigator.

I’m not someone who spent their life seeking hidden truth and would like to believe, but rather someone who spent their life being normal and then had hidden truth thrust upon them.

EDIT: Obviously, “being normal” is a relative term here.

A difficult transition

In the world of WoW, I’m going through a difficult transition at the moment. I realised a couple of weeks ago, while healing a dungeon, that I don’t enjoy it anymore. I was having absolutely no fun doing dungeons – I was only doing them for the rewards.

There are a couple of factors at play here, I think. Firstly, Blizzard has added these new “Mythic+” dungeons, which are essentially speed runs. The problem with this is that the speed mentality has leaked into normal dungeons… and honestly, I don’t enjoy it as much. I remember the days when you had to worry about things like not pulling to many enemies and possibly using CC (crowd control) on them. Now the tank just runs through, pulling everything into a giant zerg ball then the group AoE (area of effect) them down. Its boring. Its mindless. And honestly, I think its really hurting the game.

Secondly, I’ve been druid healing for a really long time. I started in 2010, so this is 7 years now I have been druid healing. That is a lot of druid healing. And I think that maybe I’m just over it. Either way, I’m not enjoying doing dungeons anymore.

So I decided it was time to make a transition. I’m changing from Resto/Balance druid to Feral druid. But its hard! With such a history as Resto/Balance, I keep having emotional flashbacks and cravings for my old ways.

But I’ve always wanted to walk on the dark side, to be a Feral druid. And honestly, it does spice the game up again. And this expansion has added those sweet new cat forms. So really, there is a lot to be happy about being a Feral druid.

Its just hard though. Druid healing is… well, its part of my identity.