School, My First Game, & YouTube

So school is back for me, so you can expect less content than there has been over the last couple of weeks.

This semester is shaping up to be really amazing. So far I’ve felt like the papers were kind of beating around the bush and building our fundamental concepts of various technologies. Now, however, we’re truly getting into the depths of software development. And its great, I’m loving it, and I totally feel like this is something I could do for the rest of my life.

Its going to be hard work though. Some of the papers in this semester have really heavy work loads. In fact, one of my teachers was warning us about this and she listed the 4 papers that students usually struggle with… and those are the exact 4 papers I happen to be taking. So, it seems that this semester is going to be serious business.

But in other news, I’m going to make my first game really soon. Its a simple game… a card game… which is something I usually wouldn’t do, but this happens to be a drinking game.

Yes, thats right. Now you can play drinking games with your computer.

With the simplicity of this app, and the fact that I’ve already solved most of the problems in my notes, I think you can expect this to be released in the coming month.

The only issue I’m having is which technology to use to build it. At this stage I’m thinking I’ll use ASP.NET because that means a) No download, it would just run off the web and b) Mac and Linux support. The only problem with that is that I don’t know how wide spread server support for ASP.NET is. It might be hard finding a server that can support my app.

And my final piece of news is that I’m not going to be doing YouTube for a while yet. I like the idea of my music channel, but I probably won’t start it until closer to when the music is released (early next year).


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