Truthing Update & YouTube

I’m thinking about not bothering with truthing. Well, not in the short term anyway. No YouTube. Maybe just a documentary one day. I think what I have to say would be better suited in a documentary… I have a few big things to say, not a stream of small things.

On YouTube it is important to upload regularly. So, I was looking to collect accounts of alien contact and share them weekly. But contact just isn’t that easy to find. I guess its more rare than I thought. Most sources just post blurry videos of things in the sky and shit like that. So, I started thinking “OK I’ll expand my scope to all paranormal contact – after all, I think that most ghost stories are probably actually alien stories anyway…” But then, before you know it, you’re making a YouTube channel dedicated to weekly videos about something you never intended to make. For what purpose? To occasionally have the freedom to share whats really important to you?

I think a better idea is to not waste my energy and instead focus on one day releasing a documentary… a documentary about what I know to be the truth… a specie of psychic reptiles are here and can potentially completely control the world.

Also since I started thinking of releasing my music on YouTube, that idea has really grown on me. I love YouTube, personally, its probably the website I use the most out of any. So being based there seems fitting. And unlike Soundcloud, I doubt YouTube will disappear any time soon, considering its one of the biggest websites on the internet. And I could use the channel for more than just hosting my music – I could have other music related content, such as synth tutorials and reviews. Because I’ve grown quite accustomed to the idea of starting a channel.

This may be the start of a whole new age of internetting… the age of YouTube.


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