Genre woes & more

An ongoing problem I’ve been having with my music is that I don’t feel comfortable defining its genre. So far I’ve been referring to it as “Dance Music” and that I am comfortable with, or “EDM” (Electronic Dance Music).

But EDM has many sub-genres and, frankly, I consider most of them to be unnecessary. And the smallest differences can change a songs apparent genre. For example, the tempo changing as little as 10bpm can cause a song to be a different genre. Another example is the tiniest settings of a synth – I saw a video where some dude made a synth sound and he was like “So this is a house pad” then he changes literally one control only slightly and is like, “And now its more of a trance sound”.

Really? These tiny changes really warrant an entirely new genre? I don’t think they do. Take rock for example: different songs within a rock album can have hugely varying tempos and the guitars on each track can have hugely varying settings. But we don’t make up an entirely new genre for each track, do we? Its all just rock. And similarly, all of my music is just EDM. I don’t want to be limited by these ridiculous rules. I want to be free to use whatever tempo feels right and I want to set my synths to whatever sound feel right.

But this causes problems with people finding my music. Without choosing a genre, searching for my music becomes much harder. Because music sharing sites are set up around these ridiculous sub-genres. So I honestly don’t know if anyone will ever even find my music.

And on top of that, apparently Soundcloud is on the verge of closing down. Well, fuck. Thats where I intended to put my music. And I’ve been looking around for alternatives, but nothing seems to fit as well as Soundcloud.

At this stage I’m thinking my music will probably be on YouTube. But I wanted my alien videos to be there and I don’t want to put both on the same channel, because then people are subscribing for alien content and are instead getting my music. And subscribers don’t like that.

I don’t know.


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