unborn chicken voices in my head

Some projects just don’t make it. I’m sitting here watching South Park and thinking… thinking of that cartoon Spook & I wanted to make. Well, today I’m going to tell you what happened with that project.

The cartoon, for me, was largely based on the fact that Spook is really funny. Like, seriously, he can absolutely destroy me with laughter. He can make me laugh like no one else can. And capturing his jokes – that was the cartoon for me.

Sadly, his girlfriend hates me. Mostly because I smoke weed I think. Once I was drinking at their place and I brought some weed and I shared it with Spook and also her friends. And she went their bedroom and freaked the fuck out. She was punching the walls and all kinds of shit. She was screaming and everyone could hear it and there were all these smashing sounds and apparently that was her punching the walls, Spook told us.

She really doesn’t like weed.

Over time, I just saw less and less of Spook. He’s totally whipped. Whenever he comes round he’s always checking is watch and always has to leave within like 30 mins. And I was trying to get him involved in the cartoon, but his commitment to his girlfriend… well, it just took over his life.

They have a kid together now. And I haven’t seen him in like a year. Its sad, because we were best friends for over a decade. But life… sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Without Spook, I can’t do the cartoon. I’m just not that funny. So, like my friendship with Spook, I guess this project just isn’t going to make it. Its a shame because I spent hundreds of dollars on software to make it. Its also a shame because of my friendship with Spook.


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