A great example

A great example of having a life I’m pleased to live is people who seek truth in drugs. I was watching a video of someone explaining the effects of DMT and they talk about having breakthroughs and reaching new dimensions of reality…

Well, I don’t want to detract from your experiences and I’m sure they felt very profound, but all you were experiencing is changes in perception and thought patterns. Its just a drug.

Do you know what else can change your perception and thought patterns? Just existing can, given the right situation… given the right education.

The impact the reptilians can have on your perception and thinking is profound. The intense first months of contact were very much like being on drugs. Except, unlike DMT, you can continue to walk around and interact with the world. You can go to the shop to buy cigarettes and everything. All the while, experiencing the most bizarre and intense things you ever did feel.

And on top of that… its not just a change in perception… it is contact with a supernatural entity. It is the reality of reaching new dimensions, new worlds. It is real contact.

So I think that the reptilians are even better than a profound drug experience. Perhaps drugs can enlighten some, but if I had to choose between drugs and reptilians, I’d choose reptilians any day.


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