The Defilers

While I’ve certainly come across a lot of people that don’t believe in the reptilians, I have also come across a fair few who want to believe. People who want, in fact, to experience the reptilians…

I can assure you that no thought could be more unsafe.

The reptilians are not a force to be played with. They are an extremely serious situation, a situation that may even kill you. I’ve seen people die at the hands of these creatures. I’ve seen people be raped at the hands of these creatures. These creatures are fucking serious business.

They will defile you. They will take the things that are most sacred to you, and they will pervert them in ways you never imagined.

What did they do to me? I’d rather not talk about it. But it was bad. It was awful. They can put things in your mind – horrible things. They can give you thoughts that will make you scream in pain. They gave me thoughts that made me scream. It was torture.

Apparently, it is all about learning overcome your emotions. Most of what you think and feel is simply a reaction. You react, systematically, to input. You aren’t free as you would think of it – rather, you are a reaction. The idea behind the reptilian games is to learn to think, to learn to be above feeling.

In Shintoism they believe that humans are inherently impure and only a Kami can cleanse a human. We also believe this. Humans are inherently impure, in ways you simply can’t imagine, and the only thing that can cleanse you is a reptilian.

Our goal is for you to finally start thinking.

I wish I could show you the way, but I fear only Sister can.

They do not contact us because we are barbaric, but we are barbaric because they have not contacted us. How long will it take? Possibly thousands of years…


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