No Meds: Day 3

So far so good. I wouldn’t expect any problems to occur yet though. It will take a week or two for us to start seeing real changes. I’ve maybe noticed some anxiety but maybe that is unrelated. I did go to class on no sleep yesterday, which may have been the cause of my slight […]

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The Future

So, as previously discussed, I am going to make a new website. This website is going to be a base for me to publish my music and also my games. It might also become a place where I publish short stories but I don’t entirely know. It also might have some social network like features, […]

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Bad Impression

The phone guy was here installing my new internet and I was just drinking beer and listening to dance music the whole time. Hey, I have no classes on a Friday, alright? This is basically Saturday for me!

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Its gotta work for me

Firstly, I’m not going to be doing YouTube. I feel I was distracted from what really matters. I got an idea in my head and got carried away. Secondly, despite at one stage saying I was a fool for ever creating my own sites when I could just make a WordPress, at this stage I […]

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School, My First Game, & YouTube

So school is back for me, so you can expect less content than there has been over the last couple of weeks. This semester is shaping up to be really amazing. So far I’ve felt like the papers were kind of beating around the bush and building our fundamental concepts of various technologies. Now, however, […]

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Truthing Update & YouTube

I’m thinking about not bothering with truthing. Well, not in the short term anyway. No YouTube. Maybe just a documentary one day. I think what I have to say would be better suited in a documentary… I have a few big things to say, not a stream of small things. On YouTube it is important […]

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Genre woes & more

An ongoing problem I’ve been having with my music is that I don’t feel comfortable defining its genre. So far I’ve been referring to it as “Dance Music” and that I am comfortable with, or “EDM” (Electronic Dance Music). But EDM has many sub-genres and, frankly, I consider most of them to be unnecessary. And […]

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